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Izinga manufactures only the best in quality mats to beautify and compliment any space, combining function and form with spectacular, eye-catching designs.

We have a beautiful range of decor mats available to brighten up and complement any home.

We are locally based in Durban and boast 30 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing the highest quality, custom-designed, luxury mats for home, commercial and industrial spaces.

Our wide range of mats on offer covers all your needs from dust control, cleanliness, dirt and moisture removal and retention, to style, luxury, stunning designs, personal branding and customisation.

Each mat comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and space.

Our Mat Range

With an Izinga mat, you are guaranteed the best in quality, style, functionality and beauty because we care that your space is well-protected while looking fabulous and affordable! Your home will thank you when you buy Izinga – we’re in our own class!

Commercial Mats

Looking for a highly functional, yet attractive mat for your heavy-duty, high dirt or wet areas?

Our wide range of commercial mats cover all your needs from dust control, cleanliness, dirt and moisture removal and retention, to outdoor comfort and anti-fatigue.

One of the biggest considerations when buying commercial or industrial matting that is intended to catch and trap dirt, or resist spills, moisture and the elements, is how easy is it to clean?

Cleaning large commercial mats doesn’t have to be difficult – our line of commercial mats are washable and low maintenance making it easy for you to keep it clean and hygienic in your commercial or industrial space.

Our commercial rubber backed mats also come with a 1 or 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty which means that we’ve got your back.

When you buy Izinga you know you’re getting top notch quality, style and functionality that’s locally manufactured for your convenience.


moisture absorbent
slip resisitant
anti fatigue
extreme resilience
grease, oil & solvent absorbent
high dirt absorption
heavy-duty wear surface
heat & oil resistant
personal branding
secure foothold
fungi static treatment

About Us

For the last 30 years, we’ve been manufacturing mats as part of the Kleentex Group so we fully understand the needs of the South African home, business and industrial spaces. We use high-quality materials that offer exceptional protection from the elements, the kids, the pets, dirt, dust, moisture, chemicals, food and any other thing that might get tracked in or spilled. One of the key features of Izinga mats is that they are fully washable making them easy to use and clean when necessary, taking the headache out of mat maintenance.

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