Buzwe Bethu

Buzwe Bethu, named after its founder Nobuzwe, started in the Eastern Cape’s Zwelitsha Zone 1, focusing on clothing design and traditional print materials before expanding into the textile and apparel industry. It’s a renowned company known for digital printing and fabric craft, especially in dyeing, printing, finishing fabrics, and garment manufacturing. Notably, it’s the first Black-owned digital textile printing company in South Africa, offering employment opportunities to local youth facing economic challenges.

Nobuzwe Dumisa Mabona, the visionary behind Buzwe Bethu, hails from the Eastern Cape, and her diverse cultural experiences shaped her career. With a Fine Arts Diploma from East London Technical College, she transitioned from a DJ career to clothing and cultural textiles in 2010, thanks to a tender to print golf t-shirts for the ANC’s 100th Anniversary. Supported by the CSIR and DTI, she furthered her studies in Digital Textiles in China. Nobuzwe’s journey continued with international collaborations, emphasizing tribal art textile prints to create a modern African trend embraced worldwide.

Izinga has partnered with Buzwe Bethu in an exciting collaboration of local creative genius and textile retail opportunity. Our collaboration unlocks the passion of Africa and focuses it into retail beauty ready made for the home.


Buzwe Bethu’s Izinga Collection

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